Simple application for bitcoin investors

This project was started on another domain and as simple tool exclusively for personal purposes. But after few weeks 4 investors from bitcointalk.org gave me some reason to enhance it into public state and call him ICO Tracker.

Now it still in prototype phase. It’s means what ICO Tracker and his rating is only an idea and no more! You should not make any decisions on this rating because it’s completely subjective!

But it will not always be so!
We work hard to make our rating more clearly and transparent.

How we arrive at ratings shown on site

Each project has Curator from our team. Curator makes investigation of project by following to our rules. One of them – Curator must be a real investor and making investment from own funds.

Curator has an checklist to collect rating by 5 criterions. Each criterion may have 10 points in max.

  1. Whitepaper
  2. Roadmap
  3. Team
  4. Escrow
  5. ICO conditions

After this Curator tracks media for important events. Each event may have weight which can impact to rating. Events can be positive or negative.
Curator determines weight from own vision but as I said above it will not always be so.

ICO Tracker is a seed today... what can grow to some meaningful thing... so we hope.

Who we are?

We are distributed team of enthusiasts. We want to make more informed investment decisions through the ICO and want to give the opportunity for all!

What are our next steps before we turn in Alpha?

  1. Finalize Rating Checklist
  2. Provide a detailed description of our Rating
  3. Integrate Alert system for important Events
  4. Improve usability
  5. Make interface design

Team address 3GX1LSsPkUjBZ28WZP3gHWxKnwGyLc18Jp

Official banner

icotracker.net  icotracker.net